5 July 2022

Wild animal welfare

Deer in forest. Photo: ImaGic Photo v. Jens F.
📷 ImaGic Photo v. Jens F. // Colourbox.com

Palmer, C. & Sandøe, P. (2022)
Animal Sentience
. Wellbeing International


Rowan et al’s article provides an overview of developments in the science of animal sentience and its links to animal welfare policy, especially regarding farm animals. But changing ideas of animal sentience and welfare are also important for managing wild and other free-living animals. We ask how the welfare of these animals differs from that of farmed animals, especially how the ability to make autonomous choices may matter. We suggest that more research into wild animal welfare is needed to make informed policy decisions, for example, about using animals in rewilding projects and choosing between policies of culling and fertility control.

Wild animal welfare (pdf)