Farm animals

Even though many people seem to agree that the lives of farm animals are often very hard, the consumption of meat and other animal products is still on the rise. Thus, ethical issues concerning the way farm animals are being treated will not go away.

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Companion animals

In some respects companion animals receive special treatment - in others, they suffer as a direct result of the way we use them. Some companion animals, for instance, develop health or behavioural problems caused by social and physical factors in their environment.

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Laboratory animals

With more or less noble goals, scientists conduct experiments causing discomfort, pain and distress to animals, limit the freedom of animals and eventually kill the animals involved. Are we as human beings morally justified in acting in this way?

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Wild animals

Management of wild animals has given rise to considerable controversy and dispute, not only because of conflicting interests, but also because there are conflicting moral views about what right we as human beings have to utilize wildlife.

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